My experience with ACSL - It is totally worth it!

Your hands furiously type, skimming over the keyboard writing line after line of code. Beside you, lays a programming problem and next to it is a complicated flow chart that diagrams the steps you will take to complete it. Nearby, you see your teammates huddled around another computer, working on another Java programming problem. You feel the adrenaline rushing through your body, boosting your energy. After all, you are solving a problem and perfecting your Java programming skills. This is the ACSL experience.

How to prepare for the ACSL All-Star Competition?

The ACSL All-Star competition is one of the most exciting and challenging competitions for young programmers getting a head start in Java. Every year, the American Computer Science League hosts 4 contests, and only the top 15 teams are  invited to this international competition. Although it is great if you are selected, it is even better to win an award over there. This post is here to give you tips, tricks, and general information that will help you win just that.


Why ACSL? Surely it will look good on your resume as you apply towards a school, but more than that, how will ACSL benefit your learning? Through the first two months of my Compsciprep experience, I had no clue. I studied my facts and read my material, but at the end, it seemed unimportant. Through my later time at Compsciprep, though, the reasons behind ACSL and the benefits of joining Compsciprep finally started making sense.